Displaced History

enric wrote this 1:24 pm:

Monday I was at my parents house trying to watch TV. I hadn't realized how far I'd moved from settling into tv watching. I could only watch a few minutes of The Golden Globes, 24, Fox News, The Comedy Channel, and so on before turning away to search for satisfaction on the next channel up.

The importance of the celebrities, drama of characters in stories, significance of news stories had an emptiness lacking connection to my history. I couldn't see my purposes in the esteem of a film star, the need of a character to stop terrorists, the report of significant world news, etc.

A day later considering the content of the shows browsed, I see that TV programming generalizes my history. And the media made by people I know as Ryanne Hodson, Erik Nelson, Chris Weagel, Raymond Kristiansen, Michael Verdi, Matthew Clayfield, Schlomo Rabinowitz, et. al. connecting and communicating to my current activities. That it isn't the quality of the lighting, camera movement, editing, beauty and skill of the actors, and such that is important. But whether the media content informs my activities in life. Much of mass media I now find unnecessary.

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One Response to “Displaced History”

  1. Matt Says:

    Most television programming is so unnecessary, and with new channels conitinually added, the quality

    diminishes dramatically. Not to say that there aren’t any quality programs out there, because there are, but it seems that a lot of

    television time is wasted on viewing snippets of shows to see if it might be something worthy of watching.