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enric wrote this 4:56 am:

Jeff Pulver & Chris Brogan invited videobloggers to attend VON which I found quite worthwhile. After some session I thought they were too presentational. You know, talk for 75-90% of the time and Q&A the rest. So as we met at different times, I had some suggestions to Chris. On the barcamp end I recommended open discussions with a strong moderator so that one or two individuals don't take over the conversation. On the Vloggercon end, I recommended something like the Bullshit Cards. These cards, I believe, are invented by the astute vlogger Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen. If someone in the audience disagrees, thinks the speaker is saying bullshit, they should raise the card. The people on stage have the option to have the card raiser respond. The card doesn't have to say "bullshit", but could be less confrontational like a "not" card (as in the Modonna or Borat "Not!")

Now that a few days have passed since VON, what I found most promising is taking two groups of individuals:

  • Media Innovators (videobloggers, open software media developers, etc.)
  • Media Industrialists (TV network representatives, Media Advertisers, etc.)
and create innovative ways they can meet, present aspects of their work, and get to know each other. The recommendations above are a few that can be considered to break down the separation between the innovators and those in the industry. What I recommend is to brainstorm and try different methods, mock them up and see which works best. Then iterate and improve. There's much that can and will develop in new media, let the games begin!

2 Responses to “VON Recommendation”

  1. Chris Brogan... Says:

    Thanks, Enric. I like that point about finding ways to get videobloggers and industry types to full engage. I like that idea a lot. Maybe a “head to head” session or two.

    I appreciate your ideas, and was happy to have you there in the community.


  2. Andreas Haugstrup Says:

    I didn’t invent the bullshit cards, but I sure wish I did! I was one of the few people who actively used my bullshit card at Vloggercon ’06 and I have saved my card so I can bring it to future conferences. :o )